Reprint Policy

What we offer at Ten Dollar Shirt Store is custom printed apparel with your unique artwork, branding, and logos. Because of this, once an order is approved and customized with your artwork, it cannot be returned or refunded.

The nature of custom printing sometimes causes slight variance in color, placement or sizing of artwork for which there is a standard tolerance. This tolerance is discussed further within our Terms & Conditions. Production errors outside of our standard tolerance may be suitable to be reprinted on a case by case basis. When applicable or requested, credit towards a future order may be given in lieu of reprinted garments.

In the event of a production error, we will make every effort to coordinate with you a replacment for affected items within a timely manner. Any agreed upon reprinted items must be scheduled within our normal production schedule. We aim to resolve all reprint orders within 10 business days of the issue being raised.

Any issues with quality must be raised within 30 days of order completion date for us to identify the cause, and offer a suitable resolution.

If you identify an issue with your custom order, please contact our customer service at: (480) 966-0030

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